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October 2016

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A Mom’s Guide to Getting Out of the House

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I love being at home.  There is something so refreshing and renewing about spending a day at home.  I love routine, the ability to do what I want and easy access to healthy food and snacks from my pantry.…

Turtle Cookies: a Pita Pit Copy-Cat Recipe

Turtle Cookies: a Pita Pit Copy-Cat Recipe

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Every restaurant has something they are famous for, something they do better than anyone. Fast food restaurants are no different. Mc Donald’s has their fries. Subway has their white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. One of my favourite fast food…

Most Versatile Banana Cake Recipe Ever!


Getting out of the house when you are a stay at home is a must. Just as important is finding some other moms to connect with. Building a tribe of supportive mom-friends is never easy. Thankfully, I”ve been able…

Mom Hair- I really Do Care!


Being a busy mom is tough.  You’ve got kids to feed and entertain, errands to run and a house to maintain.  So, it becomes easy to become the low-man on the totem pole.  It’s so easy to throw your…