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January 2017

Chicken Bacon Mac N' Cheese

Chicken Bacon Mac n’ Cheese

Mains, Recipes

Growing up, there was nothing quite like waking up to find out that it was a snow day!  The extra few inches of snow and bitter cold meant that we would get to stay home, while my parents went…

Grow: my One Word for 2017

Grow: My One Word for 2017


Have you heard about the One Word trend?  It’s kind of amazing.  Instead of making a resolution (which is easily broken) you pick one word that becomes your guiding word for the year.  When making decisions, life changes and…

Bilingual Names - 24 French-English Names

Bilingual Baby Names

Motherhood, Pregnancy

While I speak French, it’s my husband’s side that is really French.  They are one of those families that can trace their family line back 150 years, all the way to France.  When we decided to have kids, I…