5 Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls

Hairstyles for little girls

I love doing my hair and when I found out we were having a girl, one of my first purchases was a little hair bow. I could hardly wait to do my little girl’s hair. Fast forward a year and I love doing Alexie’s hair. We rarely leave the house without having it done.

It was a little tricky when I first started to really do her hair.  She would fight me, pull away and cry with every little twist of an elastic.  But we did her hair every day in a really simple style that took only a minute or two and by the end of the week, she didn’t fight me anymore.  Now when I tell her I’m gonna put “piggies” (that’s what we call them, like pigtails, even if there’s only just one) she runs over excited and sits right on my lap.

It’s tricky because she doesn’t have a lot of hair.  She doesn’t have a ton of hair and it’s so thin and fine. I find that a little water in a spritz bottle really helps. And those little rubber elastics are great for thin hair (get them in a bunch of fun colors). It can be hard to get a little one to sit still for long, so I try to work fast and a little distraction can do wonders

Here are some of our favorite and easy up-do for little girls that don’t have a ton of hair.

  1. The Pebble’s Ponytail – Basically, the baby version of a half-ponytail.  Add a little bow and you’re good to go.toddler girl pebble ponytail
  2. Low Pigtails – Two little pigtails low on the nape of the neck are super cute and easy.  This is a go-to for us, especially when we are in a rush.  toddler girl pigtails
  3. Linked Ponytail -This is a great little hair style. Make a small side ponytail.  Make another just behind it, adding in the first ponytail.  Continue until you end behind the ear.  I like to use colorful hair elastics to bring some attention to this little up-do.  This is also special touch to some low pigtails.toddler girl linked ponytail
  4. Pulled Back Bangs – similar to a side ponytail, except that it pulls the bangs back and out of your little girl’s eyes.  It’s easy but so effective and even cuter with a bow.toddler girl side ponytail
  5. Baby Knots – This is a super fun twist on any of the above hairstyles.  I find it easier to make the ponytail first and then I make a small loop and then use a second elastic to secure it.toddler girl baby knots

So do your little girl’s hair, and enjoy it!  Use colored elastics, bows and hair clips, and get dolled up with your little doll!

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