About Me

Motherhood is messy, exhausting and amazing! Here at Hide The Cookie Jar, we embrace all aspects of being a mom…crumbs and all.

I’m Amanda, a 20-something mother of 2 little girls and wife to hubby, Stéphane (who I affectionately call Sté). I was an elementary school teacher before deciding to stay home full time when my oldest daughter, Alexie arrived. We’ve since added Zoé to the family and now our little family is complete. I always say I’ve got all I need from A to Z! Our little house is nestled in my hometown in northern Ontario, namely the Greater City of Sudbury.  Life in the north can be interesting, but it just adds to the fun (well, that’s what my husband tells me after 5+months of winter).

I love baking, creating and sharing my adventures as a mother. I started this blog as a way to help other moms, by making their lives a little bit easier and little more fun. Whether it’s easy weeknight dinners, fun activities to do with the kids or awesome self-care ideas, I’m here to help by sharing my experiences. From my favourite products to my favourite recipes, I’m hoping I can provide some joy, inspiration and practical tips and tricks to make motherhood a little easier. And of course, I love baking and cookies. So of course, there are lots of those recipes floating around here too!

So join me as I bake my way through motherhood, finding little moments of joy and adventures while tidying-up all the messes along the way!