About Me

Cookies, cookies, cookies…

There’s just something so comforting about biting into a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie.  It’s that moment that takes you back to your childhood.

I have so many memories of baking, and for some reason, it always seems to be cookies.  I remember standing on a chair at the kitchen counter, breaking eggs and mixing batter with my mom nearby.  I also remember her pulling out popsicle sticks, glue, and the glitter and I would create something with her help.  I also have memories of pool parties, piñatas, and games galore, all thanks to my mom.

About me...curls and all Now, I want to be the modern version of her.

The mom who bakes with her kid, making messes in the kitchen while filling the cookie jar.

The mom who took out the dreaded glitter and let creativity grow.

The mom who made special occasions special, with little home-made touches from the heart.

The mom who made simple memories that last a lifetime.

And that’s what Hide The Cookie Jar is all about.  

It’s a place to find recipes that are easy and delicious.  Recipes that make dinner time easier and baking time more fun.  It’s where creativity abounds.  From decorating your home to spending time with little hands creating something wonderful.  Here is where parties are planned that are realistic, memorable and fun!  This is the place where being a real mom making real memories can share the real story of motherhood.

At 26, I’m a former camp counselor and teacher.  Now I’m exploring my new role as a busy Stay-At-Home-Mom for the first time.  I have a beautiful daughter, Alexie, who hasn’t even had her first birthday yet and a wonderful and supportive husband, Stéphane (who I call Sté, for short).  Our little house is nestled in my hometown in northern Ontario, namely the Greater City of Sudbury.  Life in the north can be interesting, but it just adds to the fun (well, that’s what my husband tells me after 5+months of winter).Sitting on my front deck

When I have a moment of free time, I like to do something creative.  Whether that’s making a new creation for my home, planning my next party or baking cookies, I’m in.  If that’s not enough, I’m often busy planning games and activities for teens at the Youth group where I volunteer or I find myself directing children’s musicals and choirs at my church.  

Oh, and did I mention, we’re renovating.  The entire house! (Yes, I think we are a little nuts, too.)

But it’s all part of the fun.
So subscribe and follow me in the excitement and fun as I try to keep it all together while making sure that keep my cookie monsters out of the cookie jar.