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toddler advent activities

This is our first year that Alexie is old enough to really celebrate the Christmas season.
We decided that we would do an advent calendar, and I made a cute little one just for this occasion. The magnetic tins fit perfectly on our fridge. We get to open one each day, and each has a different activity for us to do.  Some are simple like colouring a festive picture while some are a little bigger and more special like going to a Christmas concert or having a special themed family movie night. Here are some of the activities that are on our list.

  1. Bake cookies
  2. Play in the snow
  3. draw/colour a snowman picture
  4. go to a Christmas show or concert
  5. go see Christmas lights
  6. write a letter to Santa
  7. mail Christmas cards
  8. get a picture take with Santa
  9. make a homemade ornament
  10. have hot chocolate and watch the Polar Express
  11. listen to Christmas Music and have a dance party
  12. wrap presents
  13. read Christmas and Winter stories
  14. decorate a Gingerbread house
  15. Have a holiday movie night as a family
  16. Put up some Christmas Decorations
  17. Go Sledding
  18. have or go to a party
  19. Go for a winter walk
  20. Watch Elf (although we’re going to see the musical live this year)
  21. visit a friend
  22. Have a picnic under the tree
  23. decorate the window with clings-ons or window markers
  24. Go to a Christmas Eve Service
  25. Merry Christmas – open presents and celebrate with family

I cut up little strips of paper and wrote one activity on each before placing it in a tin. Sometimes I added a few smarties or a chocolate kiss in as a bonus, especially if it was a quiet day.  There were certain activities that had to go in certain tins like the concert or the Christmas Eve service while others were more open in their scheduling.  Each morning we’ll open a tin before we start our day, and I’m so excited to share the excitement with Alexie since she’s really going to understand it all this year!


toddler advent activities

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