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Bubble party buffet

IMG_4221Our little Alexie turned one! And of course, we needed to have a party to celebrate this huge milestone.
I wanted to do something fun and unique for her birthday. But then she’s one, what does she really like? What would be really fun for a one-year-old? And there would be other kids at her party too. What would be fun for a whole group of kids aged 1-4? After some careful thought and consideration, there is one thing that is fun for everyone…BUBBLES!

Who doesn’t like bubbles? The fact that Alexie is totally obsessed with bubbles makes it a clear winner as far as a party theme is concerned.
I decided on a simple colour palette of  purple (one of Alexie’s favourite colours) with pale blue and hints of white. I found a free bubble graphic online and used it as inspiration.


Bubble party invitationI designed some simple invitations using the graphic and simply changing the size and orientation around. A cute text, written in a couple great fonts, and I was good to go. I printed these myself on some white cardstock and voila! I also used the graphic to make some simple thank you tags for the guest favours.


Bubble party buffetWith her birthday smack-dab in the middle of the summer, a barbeque was the obvious choice. Burgers are round and so it made sense to serve them. I also had chicken burgers as an option. Melon balls and a berry tray continued the theme. Cute little cups held POPcorn for a salty treat.

And of course, there was a cake.
I made this fun and totally yummy white chocolate cake with colourful bubbles inside. Covered with delicious white buttercream and decorated with “stain glass”bubbles made from jolly rancher candies, this cake fit the theme perfectly.  Now, you might be wondering why there are a cake and cupcakes.  Well, we have several gluten-free friends so I wanted to make sure they could eat something too.  So I stopped by our local gluten-free bakery, Gluten-Free Galore, and picked up some buns and half-a-dozen cupcakes.  They were great and delicious!


IMG_7474Since we were having a bubble party, we needed to have lots of balloons (which are basically bubbles that don’t’ pop as easily.) My local dollar store had all the colours I needed including lilac, baby blue, white and clear balloons. I also managed to score some giant clear balloons (like 3 feet in diameter) from the clearance rack at Michaels.  In the end, I filled 3 bunches of balloons with helium and placed them around the party to highlight the different stations.

I used the rest to make this awesome balloon arch for the backdrop around the buffet.  After blowing up a few balloons for fun a few days before the party, I decided to invest in electric balloon pump given that she’s one and we’ll have lots more birthdays.  I found this AGPtek  Electric Balloon Inflator Pump on Amazon and with Prime they delivered it in 2 days.  It really made blowing up over 100 balloons fast and easy.


Bubble refill stationI found this great little kit at Walmart that came with several different types of wands, cups for bubble juice and a bubble juice dispenser.  All that for $10.  Score!  So I set up a cute little bubble refill station. We also had two buckets of special bubble juice for giant bubbles and the special wands to go with it.  I’m not sure who had more fun with the giant bubbles, the adults making them or the kids popping them.

Guest favours - bubble juiceLittle bottles of bubbles also served as easy guest favours, with a cute little tag that read, “Thanks for poppin’ by my party!”

We had a blast with our friends and family.  The kids played and there were millions of bubbles made.  Some of the neighbours watched the giant bubbles float over our house for a while.  We had cake and presents and all-around a great time.bubble birthday bash


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