Car Seat Poncho Tutorial

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How to make a car seat poncho

Canadian winters can be difficult. Especially with kids. With the snow, the ice and the cold, it’s tough to keep little ones warm. Around here, temperatures can drop as low as -40 degrees. But once you add in the car seat, dealing with weather becomes extra tricky.

We all know by now that you can’t put winter coats in the car seat. It’s not safe. But considering the weather here, keeping kids warm is also a major safety concern. There aren’t many options and the very few commercially available coats are extremely expensive. 

How to make a car seat poncho

When Alexie was little, I got crafty and made her the cutest little car seat poncho. It was a bright, colourful heart pattern with a pretty light purple fringe. She was barely able to walk that first year, but she loved it. And she gets so many compliments on it. 

Now that Zoé has outgrown her bucket seat, I knew she would need a poncho too. So we headed to the fabric store, where Alexie helped pick out a pretty pink x and o patterned fabric and I picked a nice black accent colour. I got to work sewing it a few days later, and I decided that I should document the process so others could make one too. 

It’s a pretty easy pattern to follow, and all you really need to be able to do is sew in a straight line with a sewing machine. I like to use 2 layers of polar fleece, since it gets so cold here. And the second layer makes such a pretty fringe.

How to make a car seat poncho

Zoé loves her poncho. She waddles around town in it all the time and tries to put it on when she wants to go out (even if it’s almost bedtime). I love how it turned out and I hope this can be a safe and fashionable choice for others out there!

A Car seat poncho tutorial
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