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our garden mystery

The Mystery in My Garden


This past spring, we had some landscaping done in our side yard. My dad came by with a rented excavator and moved some dirt around so we can re-seed the lawn. He scraped the top layer of dirt and grass…

Fall Bucket list

Fall Bucket List for Families with Toddlers

Family, Seasonal

As you all know, I’m big into planning and lists. You might remember my summer bucket list. Well, Stephane is back to school and the air is starting to get that familiar nip. So, it’s time for our fall…

Peach Crisp Dessert

Peach Crisp

Baking, Recipes, Seasonal

One of my favourite things about the end of summer is the fresh produce. All of my favourite fruits and veggies are in season, meaning they are at their peak for flavour and sweetness. I look forward to the…

slow cooker pulled pork

The Easiest Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Ever!

Mains, Seasonal

I have a friend who (until recently) couldn’t cook.  Like she burns water.  But she really wanted to learn.  So one year, I go her a slow cooker for Christmas.    After a few months, she told me that…