Cloth Diapering: From Reluctant to Loving it!

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When we started talking about having a baby, my husband brought up the idea of using cloth diapers.  He’s very environmentally conscious, so the idea of diapering our children in a way that minimizes our impact on the earth really appealed to him.

I, on the other hand, was not having any of it!  There was no way that I was going to cloth diaper my kids.  It was such an old fashioned idea and I could only imagine the hassle, the mess, and the laundry.  There was no way I was going to make my job as a new mom any harder, messier or more of a hassle than it had to be.  

After a long discussion while out for a walk I said I would look into it.

I went home and started researching with the sole intention of proving to my hubby that cloth diapers were not for us.  I went looking for information to prove that they were messy, they made too much laundry, that they were way too expensive and that they didn’t work.  I went looking to prove him wrong.

I ended up changing my mind.

Everything I read showed how much cloth diapers have changed since my parents tried (and gave up) using cloth.  There were so many new and innovative options.  There was evidence that babies in cloth diapers have few diaper rashes, fewer skin sensitivities and rashes from diapers and creams, and even potty trainer earlier than those in disposables.  After extensive research, I decided that maybe, just maybe, my husband was right and cloth could be something we did.

I researched the types of cloth diapers and ended up deciding that All-In-Ones (AIO) were for us.  The main reason was that I wanted something as easy as a disposable and I couldn’t ever imagine myself stuffing pocket diapers or learning how to fold flats.

The start of our cloth diapering journey. It all arrived in the mail.

My first batch of fluff mail as it’s called. The beginning of our stash!

We ended up ordering online and bought 26 AIO Sweetpea newborn diapers and 24 bumGenius Freetimes for later on when she got a little bigger.  It took a little trial and error that first week to get things to fit right and figure out how long to go between changes but after that it got easy.  The laundry wasn’t so bad and she looked so cute in just her little diaper.

**I will say that for the next kid I will be getting a few more newborns, just because they go through diapers so fast that there were days when I was literally down to my last diaper and was just praying they would be dry and ready for the next change.  I also ended up buying about a dozen more Freetimes just to help with rotation. **

Nine months later, we are still using cloth diapers.  And loving it!  

  • I love that we can control what goes on her skin, especially since she has sensitive skin. This has
    Our cloth diapers in action. Love how easy these Freetimes are.

    Alexie showing off her Freetime diaper in Osa print

    really been a blessing and made our lives better, healthier and easier.

  • I love that we have fewer blowouts and really big messes.  Actually, we’ve never had a poopy blowout.  Ever.  The only time we start getting leaks is when we need to size up or if her onesie got tucked up underneath the leg elastic somehow.
  • I love walking through the store and not paying $40-$50 a month for diapers.
  • I love never having to run to the store because we are out of wipes or diapers. (We use cloth wipes too.)
  • I love knowing that I will spend a fraction of the cost on diapering not only this baby but the next as well. (2 kids x 2 years in disposable diapers x $50 a month = about $2400.  2 kids x 2 years in cloth diapers=$1000 – what I can get when I sell them preloved so about $700 total!)
  • I love the cute prints and colours (that actually becomes an addiction and you know all the prints and colours by their manufacturer’s name like orange is called Sassy and the leaf print one is called Chico).
  • I love that it’s easier than I thought it would be.

People thought we were crazy in the beginning. But now, they are starting to warm up to the idea.  My mom has even shown guests  and family friends our diapers when we visit.  

In the end, do some research and see what’s out there.  Maybe cloth is an option for your family too.
You might just end up loving cloth diapers too!

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