A Christmas Confession: My 2 Christmas Trees

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2 Christmas Trees: My confession

We have 2 Christmas trees.  And it’s not just because I love Christmas.

One tree is just for me.  But the other is more important.

Red and gold tree: 2 tree confessionWe have one tree in our dining room on the main floor.  This is my showpiece.  It’s gorgeous, all decked out in red and gold.  My friend Christine always had a beautiful tree. Ste and I secretly studied her tree, learning how she made it look so gorgeous.  Luckily, she has some great tutorials on decorating your tree like a pro, especially how to put on the perfect ribbons.  When we got our first Christmas tree, we used some of her tips to make our tree look like it was from a magazine.  This tree is like my toy.

This tree is like my toy.  Each ornament is perfectly placed, it’s spot carefully chosen.  The ribbons are carefully twisted and wrapped around the branches.  We even have different sizes of lights so everything is kept in perfect proportion.  It’s themed, each decoration falling within our perfectly chosen colour scheme of red and gold. This tree coordinates impeccably with the decor in the rest of the house including our mini trees in the kitchen.  This year we opted to keep it a little more kid-friendly, limited to breakable ornaments but with all the perfectly placed ribbons and flowers, it’s still a masterpiece.

Family tree: 2 tree confessionThen we have a second tree in our family room in the basement.  This tree is a little different.  It’s the one where we put all our sentimental ornaments, the ones I made when I was like a kid, a collection of the random but cute ones we received from friends, family or students (teacher’s life).  It’s a little empty now but it’ll be filled as the years go on.  Each year, I plan to make an ornament with Alexie and our future little one.  Let’s not forget all the little creations that will be made at school, with grandparents and at church. And each of them will find a spot on this tree.

This will be our family tree.  It’s the one where Santa will leave the presents. Where we as parents will sit and watch them open their presents and play with their toys.  It’ll be our where our family moments are made.

So while I love my show-stopping tree, my family tree is actually my favourite.

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