My 5 Favourite iPhone Apps For Pregnant and New Moms

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Favorite iPhone apps for pregnancy and as a new mom

I love my iPhone. It’s practically glued to me most of the day. I use it for everything from finding recipes for dinner, to social media to managing our family budget. Basically there’s an app for everything. And I mean everything. I decided to give a run down of some of my favourite apps for pregnant and new moms.

The Bump

Favorite apps for pregnant and new momsThis app is great! It’s got a weekly update on your growing baby while your pregnant as well as a ton of great, positive and supportive articles for pregnant and new moms (dads too!) It’s colourful, easy to read and navigate. You can also sign up for their weekly emails of their top stories, pregnancy updates and they do a weekly email of most asked questions based on what trimester you are. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Sprout Pregnancy

This is oFavourite apps for pregnant and new momsne of my all time favourite pregnancy app. It has a free version but I highly recommend the upgrade. For $5.49 you get one a 3D view of your growing baby along with tips and doctor recommended advice. It also includes a pregnancy journal with tons of great prompts, multiple lists and a place to organize your doctor’s appointments and questions. Did I mention is also includes a weight tracker, kick counter and contraction time? Basically, it’s got everything you need in one app! This app is actually part of our Saturday morning routine. Every Saturday, we all cuddle in our bed and look through this app and learn how our baby is growing and changing every week. Alexie loves looking at the baby on the app and I really think it is helping her understand that there is a baby in my belly a little more.

The Wonder Weeks

I discovFavourite apps for pregnant and new momsered this app when my daughter was 14 months and I wished I would have found it sooner. We all know babies go through physical growth spurts where all they want to do is eat and sleep. This app tracks wonder weeks which are psychological and emotion growth spurts which can be just as disruptive to your baby and schedule as a physical growth spurt. It’s a great resource and for $1.39 it can really give you some piece of mind when baby has been up all night or really clingy today.

Sound Sleeper

White noise Favourite apps for pregnant and new momscan be a mom’s best friend. New babies often find sleeping in quiet rooms upsetting and un-nevering after 9 months inside a noisy uterus. So a little background sound can be the difference between a good sleep and a horrible night. My husband is a music teacher, so cheap sounding white noise machines drive him nuts. I found this app and it was a game changer for us. It has 16 different sounds from a vacuum cleaner to a fan to rain to a thunderstorm. There’s even shushing on repeat. The free version allows you to use the sound for 20 minutes before it fades out and you have to start it again. The paid version allows for hours of continuous play. We hooked the app up to the JLB Bluetooth speaker in our daughter’s bedroom and it was amazing. The paid version is $5.49 and is by far the best white noise machine we’ve found. It’s also super portable, since it’s on your phone and I’ve used in the car, at my parents and in hotels to help baby sleep through the night.


My doctor aFavourite apps for pregnant and new momsactually got me on this app. It’s Canadian (so sorry everyone else) and it’s kept up to date by the The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Reasearch Team and is funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada. It allows you to track and record the vaccinations of multiple family members without the need of the yellow card, paper record keeper. It also contains detailed health and information for each vaccine available in Canada. You can track outbreaks, see what travel vaccines you should get and ton of great reading and advice. And they are currently in the testing stages to be able to use this app to report your child’s vaccinations to the public health office (only available in the city of Ottawa for now). And it’s totally free!


5 iphone apps for pregnant and new momsThose are my top apps, and I honestly use them all the time! Do you have a favourite app that has made pregnancy or being a mom easier? Let me know!

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