The Mystery in My Garden

our garden mystery

This past spring, we had some landscaping done in our side yard. My dad came by with a rented excavator and moved some dirt around so we can re-seed the lawn. He scraped the top layer of dirt and grass off and pushed into a pile in the back corner.
Our harvest after we solved our garden mystery

We a few weeks later we planted a small garden. We planted some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers. The garden grew slowly at the foot of this large hill of dirt. But then something strange began to grow on the hill.
These large leafy vines started to emerge. It wasn’t long before the entire hill was covered. But we had no idea what they were.

From the leaves, we guessed cucumbers or zucchini but they continued to grow. The blossoms took forever to bloom, longer than we would have thought.  And as the plants grew, they crept down the hill and slowly took over most of our garden.  They started to climb the fence and even some of the trees.

After weeks of waiting, we finally figured out what these mystery vines were.

Our garden mystery solved - our harvestSQUASH!  GOURDS! MINI PUMPKINS!
But we don’t really eat squash and we certainly didn’t plant any seeds. So where did they come from?
Then I remembered. Last fall, I bought a bag of decorative gourds and squash to use on my front step and as a centrepiece for my table. Afterwards, I threw them into the compost. My dad must have pushed part of the compost pile into the hill.

We ended up with several types of squash and gourds growing including mini white pumpkins, mini acorn squash and some I don’t even know. Mystery solved. But now we need to figure out what to do with the almost 100 decorative gourds that grew.  At least I won’t have to buy anything to decorate this year!Our garden mystery

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