Giant Bubbles: Everything you need to make your Own!

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Giant Bubbles

For Alexie’s first birthday, we had a bubble party.  One of the biggest hits at the party was the giant bubble station. Everyone loved it, from age 1 to 90.  There’s just something so magical about bubbles and when they are ginormous, they are even more amazing.

So here’s everything you need to make your own giant bubbles whether it’s for a party or just for an afternoon of fun.

Bubble Juice:

giant bubblesThis recipe comes from a friend of mine, who happens to be a children’s pastor.  Every year, she makes this for the annual Canada Day festival and for day camp.  I always chuckle thinking of her buying and charging several bottles of KY Jelly to the church account (she makes a lot of bubble juice).

  • 1 part KY Jelly
  • 2 parts Dawn Dishsoap
  • 24 parts warm water
  • Large bucket to put it all in

This is super easy to make just mix the ingredients together in the bucket.  For the best results, let it sit for a couple of hours or overnight. But it does work right away.  It’s really that easy.  For our party, I used 1 cup as my base unit meaning I mixed 1 cup KY Jelly, 2 cups dawn dish soap, and 24 cups water.  It made enough for the whole party.

Giant Bubble Wands

giant bubblesFor Alexie’s bubble party, I made some simple giant bubble wands using supplies from my local hardware store.

  • 1 dowel (4 ft long, cut in 2)
  • 2 eye screws
  • soft clothesline rope (not plastic, it has to absorb the bubble juice) roughly 6 feet long
  • 3 large nuts or heavy washers
  1. On one end of a dowel half, pre-drill and then screw in the eye screw.  Repeat on the other half to make 2 handles.
  2. thread the clothesline between the 2 eye screw.
  3. add the nut
  4. tie the 2 ends of the rope together to create a loop.
  5. If your rope is fraying, you might need to seal the edges by running the ends through the flame of a candle.
  6. You’ll want to prime your wands.  We left ours in the buckets overnight with the bubble juice.  This gave them enough time to soak up the juice and be well primed. Or you can squeeze the rope in the bubble juice, kind of like a sponge. Once they’ve been primed, they are usually better the next time you want to use them and don’t require more than a few minutes of soaking.

To use the wand takes some practice.  Simply dip the entire rope into the bubble juice and lift it out keeping the ends of the wand together.  Then slowly open the loop and move it.  Either use movement or the wind to make the bubble.  Move the ends back together to close the bubble.

DIY Giant Huge BubblesThese giant bubbles were such a hit.  I’m honestly not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults.  They are a great activity for a party, fair or festival. But it’s also a great thing to do on a summer afternoon. Try it and you’ll have a blast!


After Alexie’s birthday last year, we had a ton of bubble juice leftover. We did make a double batch, so it was expected. My husband hates to waste, so he poured it all into some 2L plastic bottles that he cleaned out. We stored it for over a year at room temperature and out of sunlight, and I can happily say, it worked just fine. It was even a little dirty from last year’s fun but it worked perfectly and Alexie enjoyed it all over again.

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