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With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time when I start gathering up the stocking stuffers and present. I’ve actually been getting ready for this for months. I’ve been planning and organizing, making lists and checking off the items one by one. Gift Guide for plannersYou see, in our family, I do most of the Christmas shopping. My husband and I discuss things and come up with ideas for each person on our list. But I’m the one who finds the best prices, orders or buys the gifts and wraps everything. And I wrap everything including stocking stuffers. But there is one stocking that I never have to wrap. MINE!


Over the past 18 months or so, I’ve developed a little bit of an addiction to my planner. I’m a planner addict through and through and that’s okay because it really helps me keep everything in my life organised. It’s the one place I put everything from my appointments to my to-do lists, chores, meal plans, shopping lists and of course my blogging stuff. You can read about my love of my planner here, and I’m happy to say, I’m not the only person with a planner obsession out there! Maybe you’ve got a planner addict in the family or maybe you know someone who would love/needs to start planning. Christmas is the perfect time to treat them to some planner accessories and must-haves. Here are some gift ideas for that planner obsessed person in your life.


1. Pens

>Every planner addict has a favourite pen they like to use when writing in their planner. Perhaps they love multi-coloured pens to colour code their planner. Or maybe they are like me and just love a certain pen in a certain colour. I’m very specific. I love a black Sharpie pen with a fine tip. I just love the way it writes and the crisp black colour on the white paper. But definitely include pens for any planner addict.

2. Washi tape

If you don’t know what this is, that’s okay. Washi tape is this colourful craft tape that planners just love. We use it to make headers and banners for our planners. The main reason we love washi tape is that it is totally repositionable even on paper. We can move the tape around and it doesn’t ruin the paper underneath. Consider picking a few rolls because they make excellent stocking stuffers.

3. Stickers

A real planner addict had a not-so-small stash of stickers to make the pages of their planner both beautiful and organized. One of the reasons we are addicted to our planners is that they provide a place to be both creative and organized, so decorating the planner is an important part of the process. Add a pack of stickers and your planner addict will certainly kiss you under the mistletoe this Christmas!

4. Bookmark

A bookmark, the kind that clips onto the page is a fantastic stocking stuffer. I’m sure you are well aware of the purpose of a bookmark, but it’s super helpful for a planner. I love being able to find my page right way and since I use my planner every day, this is a key tool.

5. Sticky Notes and Flags

Sticky notes and sticky flags can be an awesome tool for a planner. I love using sticky notes with lines for a shopping or grocery list that I can take with me when I head to the store. And flags can be a fun way to mark a special occasion or event like a long-awaited movie release. These small but crucial products make great stocking stuffers.

6. Scissors

Planners do a lot of cutting. They cut washi tape, stickers, notes, customizing things to perfectly fit their planner. A small, but sharp pair of scissors is a necessary tool for any planner. Or you could get one of those funky scissors that cut a pattern to make their planners a little funkier.

7. Stamp and Ink

Stamps are great for things that repeat all the time. Maybe it’s a checklist stamp or a date stamp. These are items that planners are constantly using. Pair it with an ink pad and you have the perfect gift.

8. Pencil Case or Organizer

I think you are starting to realize that being a planner addict means having lots of supplies. Having a way to organize all these supplies is super helpful. A pretty pencil case to hold all out things is a super practical gift. Bonus points if you get one that attaches to our planners so we can bring our supplies with us anywhere we go.

9. Polaroid Printer

Really? Yep! Planner addicts love to use their planners as scrapbooks. This portable photo printer allows you to print small polaroid type photos right off your smartphone and they already have a sticky backing to make it easy to glue them in the planner.

10. Planner Case

Might I suggest getting a case for the addict’s planner? Having a case makes it easy to travel with your planner. This is great for anyone who likes to bring their planner along with them to work or when they travel. This striped case is both stylish and practical. It’s really a must-have to a planner on the go!

11. New Planner

If you are looking for a good gift, consider buying their favourite planner. Now is the perfect time since the New Year is just around the corner, and your planner addict will be needing a new one. I’ve been using a Create 365 Happy Planner for the last 18 months and really loved it. It has lots of space and it’s available in both horizontall and vertical layouts. And there are several add-on packages that you can get to totally customize it including workout and recipe packs.


So, there you have it. If you’ve got a planner addict on your holiday shopping list, you’ll find the perfect gift right here. From the perfect stocking stuffer, up to the ulitmate main gift, these are th gift planners really want!

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