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A cupcake, baker and a bun in the oven

Last week, I wrote about how we make our Halloween costumes. I share my simple process for making Alexie’s super cute (and inexpensive) cupcake costume. I also mentioned that we are big fans of the family group costume. But I didn’t share what Ste and I were going to be this year.

Until now.

family Halloween costumes: cupcake, baker and a bun in the ovenWe decided on Ste being a baker. The hat and the apron were courtesy of his school’s costume cage.  He wore some jeans and a brown shirt underneath.  A whisk from our kitchen drawer and his costume was complete. (How is it that his costume always requires the least amount of work?)

We decided that I would be an oven.  I stole an empty box from the grocery store as they were stocking the shelves during one of my many shopping trips.  White wrapping paper provided the perfect base covered up any tape or writing that was on the box.  I used a black permanent marker to draw on some cooking elements, knobs, and a clock.  A silver marker added a few details, like the time.  I taped a ribbon to the inside at the top, creating a halter-type strap.  A paint stir stick and some beads were colored black and then hot glued on to make a handle.  I drew a square for the oven door and then printed a graphic to be the inside of the oven.

…a picture of a little bun in the oven.

Yep!  We are so excited to say that we are expecting baby #2!  Due to arrive in June 2017 (hence the time of 06:17)

And that’s why were are going out as a baker, a cupcake and an oven with a bun in it!

Pregnancy announcement with pumpkinsHappy Halloween!  Have a blast trick-or-treating!

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