Homemade Halloween Costumes: A Cute Little Cupcake

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homemade cupcake costume

Growing up, my husband and his parents always made his Halloween costume.  They were both artists, so his costumes were always clever, satirical and creative. A homemade Halloween tradition.  It’s was a tradition that I really wanted to embrace.

family costume police, robber and a bag of moneyI also loved the idea of the family group costume. You know when everyone in the family dresses to a theme or a group of characters.  I vowed that I will do family costumes for as long as Alexie will let me.

Last year was our first Halloween as a family of 3.  Alexie was only 3 months old so we weren’t really going trick-or-treating but I really wanted to dress up.  So we kept it low-low key.  Ste wore his NYPD hoodie and went as an undercover cop while I was a robber in my stripped shirt, black pants, gloves, and beanie.  I wrote a dollar sign on a cloth grocery bag.  I dressed Alexie in all black and placed her in the bag, making her my little bag of loot.  It was so cute and really easy to make.

cupcake costume topThis year I decided to go a little bigger.  Alexie is older and we are looking forward to taking her trick-or-treating for the first time (even if it’s just on our tiny, little street).  So I wanted to make something a little more special.


cupcake baseI made this super cute cupcake costume for her for under $10.  A quick trip to the dollar store and I had all the supplies I needed.

The wrapper was made from a bucket with the bottom cut off and covered in folded bristol board.  I sealed the bottom with a little duck tape to make the plastic wasn’t sharp.  Some ribbon acted as suspenders, holding the whole thing up.  The top was made from a simple white t-shirt.  I used some hot glue to add folds and then pompoms as sprinkles.  A small ball glued to a headband made a topper and the perfect final touch.  She will be the cutest little cupcake!


homemade cupcake costumeI did say that we were doing a family Halloween costume.  If Alexie is going to cupcake what are Ste and I going to be?You’ll have to wait until Halloween to find out!

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