The Three Kinds of Pregnancy Announcements

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Got ourselves a new parking Space!

When you find out you are pregnant, your mind starts running with about a million things you need to do and think about.  One of the first things that crossed my mind (and I’m sure, one of yours) will be telling the world.  I realized that there are actually 3 different types of pregnancy announcements that happen, and I wanted to make each one perfect.

  1. Telling the Hubby

There are lots of great ideas out there for telling your husband or partner the good news.  I started planning mine out the moment we decided that we wanted to start trying.  Actually, I started planning before the conversation even ended.

I went looking around for a cute little onesie.  I wanted something gender neutral.  I personally find the selection of cute gender neutral outfits very limited or boring.  I ended up finding the perfect little outfit at Sears, but it was almost $30.  I was disappointed and continued to look around but it really was the only one I really liked.   While grabbing a coffee at the local Starbucks, I decided to drop into a neighbouring Carter’s store.  As I was browsing, my eyes were drawn to a familiar orange striped onesie.  There was the same outfit and it was on sale for $6.  That’s my kind of price!  I bought it and hid it when I got home.  I wanted it to be a surprise.

Well, I took a pregnancy test on a whim.  I was a little tired and was having some hot flashes, but chalked it up to a busy week, stress from an upcoming trip/wedding and an unusually warm November.  But after a friend’s teasing, I decided to take a test the next morning.  It came up positive!

A little present for my husband. How he found out he was going to be a dad!I got a small card box, the same kind that you might get some pretty note or thank you cards in.  I used some tissue paper and carefully folded up the pants, hat and onesie so they would fit inside.  It was a little surprising that they fit so well, but then again, they are pretty small. I added a ribbon and a little note card. It read, “Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ For the next 9 months, I’m eating for 2”.  

I placed the box on his desk, knowing that is the first place he goes when he get home.  I put the box in the middle of his desk and waited.  

And waited.  And waited.  He was delayed coming home by a couple of HOURS so when he finally got home, I could barely contain myself.

Well, like planned, he walked into the office, put his keys on the desk and noticed the box.  I had my camera out and ready, recording the whole thing.  He looked a little puzzled when he picked it up and he gave it a little shake.  He finally opened the box and read the card. His reaction was great!  Jaw droppingly great!

  1. Telling the Family/Grandparents

We found out we were expecting in late November.  So we decided that it would make a perfect Christmas surprise.  We were hosting a potluck Christmas dinner at our place with all our family so it only made sense that it would be time and the place to make the announcement.  

Finding out they are going to be grandparents on Christmas Day!I decided that once again a little gift would be appropriate.  It’s Christmas time, so a gift wouldn’t be unexpected but the gift inside would make for a great surprise.  I got 2 silver frames from Target, on sale for $2 each (one for each set of grandparents).  I went home and got on my computer to design the perfect insert in the frame.  After some research and time on Pinterest, I finally decided on the following saying,

“We’re excited to say, a little present is on its way.  Baby Ostrander due July 2015”.

I picked some cute fonts, added a little colour, and voila!  I printed 2 copies on my regular colour printer, cut them out to fit the frames and then wrapped each frame in a box, one for my parents and one for my in-laws.

Christmas day came and after dinner, we started handing out gifts careful that these 2 would be one of the last ones opened.  I handed one to my mom and one to my mother-in-law and we told them to open them at the same time.  Well, they did and their reactions were great.  My mom jumped for joy (literally, for about 5 mins) and his mom laughed.  My dad took a picture and sent it to my aunt right away and Stéphane’s dad was oblivious for the first few minutes.  I guess he didn’t really read it and he was just clapping along with everyone’s reactions.  It was kind of funny and super cute!

  1. Telling the World

Got ourselves a new parking Space! In today’s world of Facebook and Instagram, a public pregnancy announcement is almost expected.  After several hours of looking on Pinterest for something that’s both cute and funny, I didn’t really find anything that caught my eye.   

I went out looking for some maternity pants one day and noticed a parking sign for new mothers and mothers-to-be.  I had a moment of inspiration.  

After discussing it with my husband, who totally wanted to be involved, we had a plan of attack.  We decided on taking a picture from the back seat of our car with us looking back at the camera while an expectant mothers parking sign could be seen through the windshield.  We ended up deciding on a 2-fold approach.  We took a photo of us and then one of the sign, both from the same camera location.  Then, my very tech-savvy husband used Photoshop to place the image of the sign in our windshield.  The result was this great picture with the caption, “We’ve got a new parking space!”


The Keys To a Perfect Pregnancy Announcement

  1. Timing – the best surprises are always unexpected.  For my husband, I chose to do it as soon as he got home to hide my excitement with the usual hustle and bustle of the end of the day.  For our parents, Christmas was a perfect time; when a gift would be expected but the gift itself the surprise.  
  2. Simple Works Best –  Simple is best and easy to personalize. There are tons of great ideas and I’m sure there are some in your own head.  Maybe you’re not super crafty or creative.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas, many of which are so easy.  Think simple and be creative.  The frame idea was simple but the simplicity led to a great reaction.
  3. Record – I personally love to record people’s reaction to the exciting news.  Taking pictures or filming are always great.  We prefer to film since we are able to get a photo off of the digital video that we recorded so then we have both.  It makes a great addition to any photo book or album.



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