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Being a busy mom is tough.  You’ve got kids to feed and entertain, errands to run and a house to maintain.  So, it becomes easy to become the low-man on the totem pole.  It’s so easy to throw your hair up in a messy “mom-bun” as you run out the door.  I’ve done so many time.

I love my long hair.  When other more seasoned moms suggested that I cut it to make my life easier, I shuddered.  I can never cut my hair short.  Every  few years I make a rash decision and cut it only to spend the next 3 years growing it out again.  I’ve since learned and have even told my husband to remind me “not to cut it short” every time I head out to the hairdressers.  But I love the versatility of long hair. I can wear it down and it’s full of movement and dramatic or I can do any number of up-dos and it’s perfect for any event.

But for every day I need something that gets my hair out of my face and away from little fingers.  It’s got to be fast and easy and work every time.  There are some great classics out there that are easily made fun, fresh and modern with little effort.

The Ponytail

It’s a classic go-to hairstyle for almost any mom.  A simply pull the mane back and up, use an elastic to secure and you’re done in less time than it took you to read this sentence.  Add one simple step and you take you ponytail for average to amazing in no time flat.

Twist a section of face-framing hair and then add it to your ponytail to add some extra visual interest.e5b73b25bef195b0f6b0c40fa047dd2f

Pull your bangs back using a simple braid before securing your ponytail. 8b7f049ab4f62af026e61aa4d4fbf9ca

Flip your ponytail.  Add small elastics along the length and then pull the hair through a section.  It’s a great option when your hair has decided it doesn’t want to cooperate.

The Bun

The bun can be a great option for a simple and effective hairstyle.  Unfortunately, moms everywhere fear the “Mom-Bun”, the messy bun quickly thrown together on the top of their heads.  With a few simple tricks,  a bun can make you one hot mama.

Add a braid to your messy bun.  just like with the pony tail, a simple braid worked into a bun adds visual interest without any real effort.e8be9a234bd67f8a2a9cf3e4db3ff83c

Try a chignon.  I love these.  basically is a bun at the base of the neck.  I love to do on the side on my head, low and just behind the ear.

Try this simple chignon which is basically just a ponytail, flipped twice and pinned.  It’s that easy.9ce16fce0a392dfe1b5f4d75a8743e8c

The Braid

A braid is a great way to pull your hair off your face and to keep it clean longer (yeah, to less hair washing!).  There are some great braid hairstyles and they only take a few minutes to do.

A Side Braid.  This is one of my favourite fall hairstyles.  It shows off my length while keeping it out of my eyes. Whether you go with a classic braid, or a fun fishtail braid, they make for a wonderful hairstyle.279a2d674a569a8828112b66b5e628d8 49443123fb8b9647b59000f4378c9ad0


Pinned up pigtails.  This is one of my favourites when I need an updo and only have a few minutes.  Two braided pigtails, pinned up along the nap of the neck makes for a simple and pretty up-do.db525ddea0036913cf8f5b30feec4d60

Hopefully, some of these hairstyles will make your mornings a little easier and a little more fashionable!


Also, every effort was made to find the original source for each photo.  If any of these are yours and are , please contact me and I will properly source the photo!

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