Our Story Part 3 – A Church and a Cave

Over the threshold

We were married almost a year to the day after we were engaged.  It was a beautiful day, if only a little rainy.


Some of the 200 cupcakes I made in 4 different flavours

The days leading up to our wedding were busy.  We had decorated the church, made, filled and frosted about 200 cupcakes in 4 different flavours and arranged about 18 centerpieces.  Oh, I also got my nails done with my sister and mom, before heading to our rehearsal dinner.

So the morning of, I purposely tried to sleep in.  My sister and mom left early to get their hair done while I stayed home and did my own (years of ballet lessons made this an easy feat for me).  My girls arrived around 11 and that when all the real fun started.


Our Guestbook – canvas with paint markers

I had 4 bridesmaids.  My little sister was my maid of honour even though she was only 15 at the time.  We had to fake her signing the wedding license because she was so young.  My other bridesmaid Chantal actually signed it after the ceremony was over.  She had been one of my good friends since high school.  The other was Kristen, who agreed to stand in my wedding despite being 8 months pregnant.  And last but not least, was Stéphane’s sister, Gaёtane who I have known since I was a little kid.  It was a little busy, with everyone trying to get dressed but it all worked out.  After a few photos (we were limited on time and it was raining) we headed to the church.DSC_9811

IMG_9936 (1)

Planting Ceremony

We had a ceremony at my church that I have attended ever since I was 12 years old.  It was  officiated by a good friend and youth pastor.  We had a beautiful ceremony with music provided by some of Stéphane’s music students as well as his mom.  We created a special unity ceremony where we planted pieces of cactuses from our grandmothers in the same pot.  They would grow together until they became one, and couldn’t be separated.  We were pronounced husband and wife, kissed and made our way down the aisle to a cloud of bubbles.

After pictures at a local park and art gallery, we head over to the local science center for our cocktail hour and reception.  Science North, as it’s called, has a beautiful hall that is underground and carved out of the bedrock.  We literally had our reception in a cave and it rocked!  


Our hall – underground!

After an amazing meal, we were entertained by my sister rapping  her way through her Maid of Honour speech. She changed the words to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and ending with an incredible re-write of Taylor Swift’s I knew you were trouble.  She referenced how she knew Stéphane was the one when he walked in and how I was finally moving out.  Our family loved it and even sang along at the chorus.

Then it was our turn to surprise everyone with a secretly choreographed dance to Justin Timberlake’s Suit IMG_0220and Tie as our first dance.  We salsaed, spun and danced our way through the number and it ended with a roaring applause.  Everyone said they expected nothing less from two such creative people.

The rest of the night was spent dancing, mingling and eating cupcakes til we felt sick.  It was almost 1am before we left for the night.  It was the best day I could have ever wished for.  The only fault in our day was that my custom died shoes got wet from the rain and the dye stained my feet bright cobalt blue.  But other than that, it was the perfect start to our life together.


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