There are some products you just love. You can’t live without them. They’ve changed your life for the better and you just have to share them with others!

Well, that’s what you’ll find here: My favourite products from some of my favourite brands!

Kids Products

This WeeRide Seat is hands-down our favourite summer product. It allows us to take our young kids (as young as 1 year) out on bike rides. Both our girls love their seat and they are designed to fit kids up to about 50lbs.

We have 2  WeeRide seats (one for each of our girls) and we use them at least 3-4 a week from May until the snow comes. And they make participating in events like “the Great Cycle challenge” possible with toddlers.

These seats are super safe and engaging since the kids can see so much and you can easily talk to them while biking.


I love this book! My kids are always saying the funniest things and I don’t want to forget a thing. From silly stories to bizarre quotes, this quote book makes it easy to write down so you can remember them in the future.

I have one quote book for each of my girls. Every page has a spot for who the kid was talking to, where they were, how old they were and the date. And then there’s a great big place for the story and quote. I highly recommend these and just think… it’s the perfect place to store material for when you want to embarrass them at their big life moments. I fully intend to pull this out when my girls get married and I have to give a speech.


This placemat plate is AMAZING! We use this whenever we leave our house. We love this for eating out at restaurants, where we really don’t our kids to make a huge mess.

This plate sticks to pretty much any smooth surface and it the perfect option for eating out without making a mess, since they can’t easily move (or throw) their plate. The silicone base makes it easy to wash and super durable.



 If you are potty training, have a kid who’s nervous about big toilets or just have lots of kids visiting your house, I would highly recommend buying one of these awesome toilet seats.

The toddler-sized seat fits perfectly into the lid and is held there by a magnet, so no worries about it crashing down on unsuspecting fingers. It really made a huge difference with our potty training and makes any toddler who visits our home feel a little more comfortable when they need to use the bathroom.