Baby #2: A Second Trimester Update

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Second Trimester Update

That’s a wrap on my second trimester.  I officially entered my 3rd and final trimester on Friday and I’m so excited to be getting that much closer to meeting our little girl!  The weather should start warming up soon, which will mean I’ll be able to ditch the boots and winter coats and put on my favourite pregnancy outfits: dresses and maxis! I’ve got a lot to do over the next few months but before I jump into all of that, here’s a little update on what went down during my second trimester!


Second Trimester Update:I had my anatomy scan and was a little nervous that the baby would not cooperate, especially with showing us the sex.  Alexie gave me such a hard time that I had to walk around, jump up and down, and they even tilted the table so my feet were in the air, and that was just to finish the scan.  This little one gave us a hard time at the first ultrasound, so I was praying for some cooperation this time.  Boy, did baby cooperate!  The tech said that this was the more cooperative baby she has even scanned.  It literally would move into the perfect position for her every time.  She told us that she has never completed an anatomy scan that fast.

We had to go back because the baby was measuring a little small, and she couldn’t zoom in enough to get a clear picture of the heart for the doctor.  But she wasn’t concerned and neither was our doctor.  It was really just a precaution and we got to see our little one again, which was kind of a bonus!

Weird Symptoms

Second Trimester UpdateI’ve been having nose bleeds almost daily.  It’s not something I had when I was pregnant with Alexie and quite frankly, it’s getting a little annoying.  It’s not that they are serious, just badly timed.  They always happen early in the morning, meaning I’m up, dealing with bloody kleenex when I really want to be sleeping.

I’ve also been having a tonne of weird dreams. With Alexie, I had vivid dreams all the time.  I actually wrote a lot of them out, because they were so detailed.  And they were funny.  And while these dreams are detailed, they are definitely not funny.  They’ve been scary and upsetting, to the point I’ve woken up in tears a few times.  Once I’m awake, I’m fine since they are so weird but they feelings are so strong, it’s a little upsetting.  Like I dreamt that the difference between a midwife and a doctor was that the doctor takes the baby out whole, while a midwife takes them out in pieces, puts them together like a doll, smacks their bottom and they become alive!  Like what is that!  It’s terrifying. Hopefully, the dreams will ease up now that I’m in my final trimester like they did with Alexie.

Gender Reveal Party!

New Year's Eve Gender Reveal PartyWe had an amazing New Year’s Eve gender reveal party.  Our family and friends came over and celebrated the new year ahead and our new baby.  We counted down to midnight (even though it was only 8:30, but the kids don’t have to know that).  Then we did an awesome confetti balloon pop reveal and found out that we have another little girl on the way!  I was totally shocked when I saw all that pink confetti fly out.

Food Cravings and Aversions

Well, I can’t stand roasted turkey.  It became a bit of a problem around the holidays when turkey dinners are a staple. It got so bad I had to bring my own dinner to eat and peppermint oil to block the scent.

I’ve been craving fruit. With Alexie, I craved strawberries, almost a pound a day. With this pregnancy, it’s been any kind of fruit, but especially watermelon and again strawberries. All that fruit must make for sweet babies, right?

 Baby #2-Second Trimester UpdateI am so excited to be entering my third and final trimester!

I am so looking forward to meeting this sweet little girl. But there is a lot to do before she arrives.  We’ve got to get our eldest’s big girl room ready and then reset the nursery. I’ve also got some freezer meals to make, hospital bags to pack and newborn clothes to wash.  I’ve also got to figure out our birth plan, who will watch Alexie and what to do if my hubby isn’t home.  But I’ve got about 13 weeks to do all that so for now, I’m gonna sit back and relax a little before the nesting kicks in!

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