A Sprinkle Party: What is it and How to Throw One!

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A Baby Sprinkle Party: what it is and how to throw one!

Have you heard about sprinkle parties?
They are the newest thing in baby celebrations. It’s basically a baby shower for second, third, fourth (and so on) pregnancies.  They get their name because the parents already have most of what they need.  All they really need is a sprinkle of necessities and a chance to celebrate their new baby.

A Baby Sprinkle PartyThat’s what makes sprinkle parties are different from regular baby showers. The focus is less on gifts and more on celebrating the little bundle of joy that is on the way. It’s about gathering together with friends and family and celebrating the new life that’s coming (or has already arrived in some cases).

I recently threw a sprinkle party for my brother and his wife. They had such a great time just celebrating with family and friends.  We had a diaper shower party, meaning guests brought packs of diapers and wipes.  It was a great way to help them stock up before the baby arrived. They left the party feeling loved, blessed and even more excited about their new baby girl.

I learned a lot throwing this party and thought I’d share a few insights into throwing a sprinkle party!

1.They are much smaller than showers

A sprinkle party is about celebrating with your closest friends and family.  My sister-in-law had about 40-50 people at her baby shower for her son.  This time, we had about 20 people, mostly immediate family.  A smaller gathering is great for sprinkle parties since it makes for a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.  It also means less food, games, favours and even decor since you can easily host it someone’s living room or backyard.

It’s also popular to have a sprinkle party after the baby arrives, sort of like a meet and greet of the baby. A little gathering that allows everyone meet the newest little bundle of joy.

2. Co-ed is cool

While co-ed baby showers are growing in popularity, I can tell you from experience that all-female showers are still the most popular.  But you can certainly go co-ed more easily with a sprinkle party.  “BBQ, Beers and Baby” is a favourite co-ed theme, although almost any theme can easily be adapted.  If you do go for a co-ed party, keep the traditional games to a minimum, have extra food and keep your theme appropriate for everyone (ballet theme or high tea probably won’t fly well with the guys).

3. Activities are fun but they don’t have to be games

Sprinkle Party Guessing gameAt a regular baby shower, there are almost always games.  The “don’t say baby”, guess which chocolate bar is in the diaper, or how big is the mommy-to-be” are always popular choices.  While you can go the traditional route for a sprinkle party, you can also do activities that are a little different.

For a more traditional shower feel, you can do

  • raffles, draws, penny table
  • guessing games like when the baby will be born, the birth weight

For something a little different:

  • get crafty – make headbands, paint letters or a series of small canvases
  • pamper yourself – have spa-type activities like manicures, pedicures, and homemade facials
  • Have guest colour pages of a book to compile for the new baby

4. The menu is open

The best thing about a sprinkle party is that your food options are open to pretty much anything you’d like.  When we hosted our sprinkle party, we served pizza.  While that would be a little odd at a shower, it totally fits with a sprinkle party.

  • Have a barbeque and serve hot dogs, sausages and burgers
  • Have a high tea and serve little finger sandwiches
  • Have a Potluck where everyone brings their favourite dish

5. It’s not about the presents

Gift ideas for a Baby Sprinkle PartyWhile gifts are certainly an important aspect at a baby shower, they play a significantly smaller role at a sprinkle party.  It’s not uncommon for there not to be any gifts at all.  Or for the gifts to be limited to something specific.

  • diapers and wipes
  • books
  • clothes (if the baby is a different sex than the first child)
  • freezer meals for when the baby arrives
  • Stock the pantry – get items like toilet paper, laundry detergent (baby safe), shampoo and snacks so the new parents don’t have to worry about grocery shopping in the first (Here’s a great list of ideas)
  • do a group gift and put it towards 1 bigger item that will be needed for a second baby (a 2-child stroller, baby carrier, etc)
  • Gift Cards – these can be to anywhere! Grocery stores, baby store, date night out, take-out/delivery restaurant, or even a place for the older kids to go play (indoor playground, science centre, etc)

There you have it! It’s so easy to throw a sprinkle party and it can really be anything you want it to be. And it is such a blessing to the new parents.  So go celebrate the new little bundle of joy and have fun!


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