Our Story Part 2 – An Underwater Surprise

Engagement Picture in the winter

One October evening, I went on a date with a guy I’ve known about almost my entire life.  We talked the night away and had a great time.  I think even then I might have known he was the guy for me.

We dated for the next 3 and half years.  We went to the movies and the theater.  We went to weddings and graduations together.  We traveled to New York City and Chicago.  And we had many more coffee dates; which is funny because neither one of us drank coffee at the time.

Version 2

Me a few minutes after the proposal, still freezing from the cold water

I finished my undergrad and then my teaching degree and he was busy building his career as a music teacher.  The summer after I graduated, he invited me to his parent’s place to go snorkeling.  We had talked about getting married when I was done school but nothing had really been mentioned recently.  I knew it was coming but wasn’t really sure when and where.

I arrived and we headed down to the lake.  I put on the goggles, snorkel and walked slowly into the lake while Stéphane ran down the dock and jumped in.  As we headed out, he said, “Follow me.  Sometimes I find some really cool little treasures out here.”  So I did.  He leads us along the shoreline.  We looked at rocks and fish and a few coke bottles.  I thought maybe these were the kinds of treasures he was talking about.  As we made our way back he kept swimming in front of me.  As we got closer to the dock I pointed out a little tin cookie box in the water with a rock sitting on it.  I must have been having a blond moment because I just thought “Wow!  Someone’s got really great aim to throw a rock into the lake and have it land on this box.”  We swam over to investigate.  He removed the rock and opened IMG_2143the box.  A flash of light and sparkle came from within and it took me a second to realize it was the sunlight refracting off of a diamond ring.  I stood up since we were only in about 4 feet of water.  I just looked at him and asked, “Really?”  He stood up holding the box (which is really hard to do when it’s full of water and you are trying to not drop the ring).  He still had his snorkel in his mouth and couldn’t get it out because he needed both hands to hold the box.  All he could do was nod.  I said yes and he carefully placed the ring on my finger before he was able to put the box down, get the snorkel out of his mouth and give me a kiss.  

As we sat on the dock trying to warm up from the freezing cold water, my new fiance tells me that he never goes snorkeling that long in the lake without a wetsuit.  It’s just too cold.  I couldn’t help but laugh as we were both freezing and starting to turn a little blue in our bathing suits.

That was cold the start of our happily ever after.

There’s more to the story!

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