Surprise! A Sprinkle Diaper Party

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Sprinkle Party Diaper Shower

A few weeks ago, I hosted a surprise diaper shower for my brother and sister-in-law.  Travis and Amanda (yes her name is also Amanda, and yes, that gets a little confusing having 2 pregnant Amandas) are expecting their second baby, a little girl, at the end of the month.  I wanted to make sure that this baby was celebrated just as much as their first.  So we decided to throw them a Sprinkle Diaper Party!

Sprinkle Party Diaper ShowerThe Ruse

But the hardest part of organising this party was actually getting Amanda, Travis and their son to the party without them knowing.  After a little thinking, I came up with the perfect ruse.  Since Amanda and I are both bridesmaids in my sister’s wedding, I told her that we were going to do some wedding planning that night.  I also asked if Travis could help my husband move some furniture (which wasn’t a total lie, we did need a desk moved).  They totally fell for it and when they arrived, they were really confused about why there were so many cars on our rather quiet street.  It didn’t take them long to figure out what was going on once they came in the house.

The Decor

Sprinkle Party Diaper Shower - Drink StationAfter a little sleuthing, I picked a date that would work for everyone and got busy planning a secret and very pink party.  I decided on a simple pink and white colour palette because a) they were having a girl, b) I knew Amanda would love it and c) I’ve always wanted to throw a pink party so this was my excuse.  I also wanted to keep this a simple low-key party.  Some simple balloon strung up were great in the seating and playroom while some whimsical and super easy tissue paper pom poms added a special touch to the buffet. I went around my own home and gathered as many of Alexie’s pink things as I could find to add little touches here and there.

The Food

ISprinkle Party Diaper Shower - Buffet and food wanted to keep this a simple low-key party. That included the menu.  I went with a simple buffet of veggies, fruit, cupcakes, rice krispy squares and several varieties of pizza.  Yes, Pizza!  It’s one of Amanda and Travis’ favourite things and I figured it’s pretty much a crowd pleaser.  I was even more pleased when I managed to score the frozen pizzas for $3 a pie, meaning I could feed everyone for under $30.

The Activities

Sprinkle Party Diaper Shower - GamesSince this was their second baby and they already have most of what they need (crib, baby monitor, stroller, etc) I decided to focus on what they would need for a second baby, namely diapers and wipes.  All the guests were invited to bring diapers or wipes to have their name entered into a raffle for a small prize.

We also included 2 guessing games as activities for the guests.  The first was to guess the birthdate of the little princess and the second, her birth weight.  The closest guess on either game would also win a gift card.  Now we just have to wait for her to be born to see who wins!

I don’t have many pictures of people, mingling and enjoying the party, because I ended up spending time hanging out with our cousins and kind of forgot to take more pictures.  But everyone had lots of fun, and Amanda and Travis certainly left feeling blessed and that their little girl was well celebrated!

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