A Travelling Dinner Date: A New take on a Date Night Favourite

Travelling dinner date

It’s a date night classic.  A nice dinner out at a restaurant.  It’s the main event of practically every date and, as parents, it’s really such a treat.  I love just sitting down, chatting while someone else pours the drinks, makes the food and cleans up everything afterwards.

Travelling Dinner Date: But sometimes, it gets a little routine.

We tend to do the same thing on date night.  Either we run some errands (kid-free) and then grab some food or we catch a movie and then stop at a restaurant.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these date nights, but sometimes you just need to freshen things up a little. So we decided to try a little bit something different for our last date night, especially since it’s so close to Valentine’s Day.

We had a travelling dinner.

It’s actually a really simple, but totally fun way to spice up a dinner date.  Rather than go to one restaurant for a meal, we broke up our dinner by visiting 3 different restaurants.  Yep! Three different restaurants!

I got the idea from something we used to do as kids in youth group, called progressive dinners.  Parents would host a small part of a meal, like just the salad or dessert.  It was up to us teens to drive to the different houses to get all the parts of our meal.  It was fun as teenagers, I thought the idea could easily be applied to a more adult date night situation.

Travelling dinner date- deep fried pickles and sweet potao fries appetiserWe started our night by stopping at one of your favourite pubs, The Laughing Buddha, for appetisers.  We ordered our favourite pub snacks, sweet potato fries and deep fried pickles.  (On a side note, if you haven’t tried deep fried pickles, you’ve got to!  They are amazing!)  It seemed a little strange to only order some appetisers but it was fun too.  When we told the waitress what we were doing, she thought it was the cutest thing ever!  We hung out, enjoyed our piping hot apps before heading out the door to our next location.

Travelling dinner date - Indian FoodFor our main course, we decided to have Indian food from a new local restaurant, Taj Bistro.  We enjoyed a selection of favourites including butter chicken, naan bread and curries.  One of the great things about a travelling dinner date is that you can mix and match different styles of food and atmosphere.  We sat down in this funky little bistro and let the tastes and aromas take us to another land, only 10 minutes after having our favourite pub snacks.

Travelling dinner date- what's left of dessertFor dessert, we headed over to one of our favourite restaurants, the HourGlass.  Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones talking, but this mama really wanted cheesecake.  We decided to do the romantic (and healthy thing) and split a slice of chocolate cheesecake.  I was actually so excited I dove right in and it wasn’t until there was only one bite that I realised I hadn’t taken a picture of our dessert.  Oh well, it was delicious and totally filled that pregnancy craving.

Our travelling dinner date was so much fun.  We got to try totally different styles of food and atmosphere and it cost us about the same had we gone for a regular dinner date, maybe just a little more in tips.  It was tasty, exciting and a great way to see our city.  We tried to pick restaurants that were fairly close to each other.  I think if the weather was warmer, we probably would have walked to all three (we walked from dinner to dessert).  I totally recommend trying a travelling dinner for your next date night and have some tasty fun!


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