What’s in my Diaper Bag: Cloth Diaper Edition

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Packing cloth diaper diaper bag

Packing a diaper bag is somewhat of a daily routine around here. We often head out for a little adventure in the morning. Whether it’s a little walk to the library, a drive to playgroup, or running errands, we’re out and about often.
But there are some unique challenges to packing the perfect diaper bag when you use cloth diapers. We’ve been cloth diapering Alexie from the start and I can say, we’ve certainly learned a few things. And while it changes slightly depending on their age, this is what I always pack in our diaper bag.

Wet/Dry Bag

This is a must in my opinion.  I love my Planet Wise Wet/Dry bag!  It can easily hold 3-4 soiled diapers as well as the moisture and the smell in the lined pouch. The dry pouch holds several clean diapers, wipes and diaper cream.

Cloth Diapers

This seems obvious but you’ll need diapers in your diaper bag.  We use all-in-ones (AIO) with a booster now that Alexie is bigger, so I make sure that they are ready to go with the booster before we leave the house.  It’s one less thing to worry about while you try to change a little one on those change tables in a public bathroom.

Flushable Liners

Once your kids are on solids, this is a must especially when you’re heading out and about!  At home, you have your diaper sprayer or spatula for dealing with poop, but out in public, it’s another story. We actually use flushable liners at home to make out lives a little easier.  I always make sure I have a liner in the diaper before we leave the house and a few in the bag for diaper changes while out. It’s so much easier to deal with poop while in public!


While we use wet baby facecloths at home, I use disposable wipes while out in public. It’s a lot easier when you aren’t always able to get to a sink to wet a wipe and they serve double-duty for cleaning up other messes like toddlers face after ice cream.

Cream and/or PowderDiaper Bag Packing List

If your researching cloth diapers, you no doubt know that you need to sue special cloth diaper-safe products on your child’s bum. Usually, I just carry a small travel-size bottle of cornstarch baby powder unless we are dealing with a diaper rash (especially while teething).  But it’s a good idea to have at least one product in your bag to help soothe any irritations that might crop up while you’re out.

Hand sanitizer

I’m not a germaphobe, but I always carry a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer.  You never know what messy thing you might encounter while out and about.

Facial Tissue

a travel pack of Kleenex is never a bad thing to carry with kids.  Especially during cold and allergy season when runny noses run wild.

A Change of Clothes

Kids are messy! While I’ve never had a blow-out in cloth diapers, I’ve had leaks.  And kids always seem to spill something on themselves. A change of clothes in a large plastic bag is a must. And when Alexie was really little and spit up a lot, I carried an extra shirt for me too.


It seems that the second you’re out the door, Alexie is hungry or should I say “hangry”. If we’re going to be out for awhile, I usually pack a mini-lunch and put it in a small, insulated lunch bag.  But it’s a good idea to carry “emergency snacks, for if you get stuck somewhere longer than planned or you just need a distraction.  I usually make sure that I have a fruit puree pouch and some little packs of raisins in the bag.  I also carry a granola bar for me, because I get hangry too!

Water bottles

Kids get hungry and thirsty.  A little water bottle is a must in a diaper bag.  Look for one that is easy to clean and all the parts are removable to prevent any mould build up.  And don’t forget to pack a bottle for yourself.  A nice reusable bottle goes a long way and helps keep you hydrated too! This is my favourite.  I love that it’s lightweight, has an attached lid and has the feel of drinking from a disposable plastic bottle.  It’s also cute and colourful.  And it can be opened to add fruit or ice!

An Extra Comfort Item

We cannot leave the house without Alexie’s soother. And while we try to keep it on a string clip, there are times when having an extra one becomes a life saver.  Whether your child has a soother, teddy or another favourite comfort item, it always smart to carry an extra, just in case.


Since becoming a mom, I rarely head out the door with a purse.  I got a large clutch wallet like this one that contains pretty much everything I would need to carry in my purse.  I throw that in the bag, meaning I’ve only got one bag to carry around with me, making my life a little easier.

Indoor Slippers or Shoes

During the winter, a pair of indoor slippers or shoes is a must. You don’t’ want to kid running around in big, wet boots but the floors might be too cold for just socks.  These are great if you spend time at a playgroup, library or friends house.

Cloth Diaper Diaper BagBaby Carrier

If you are an avid baby wearer or even if you’re not, I highly recommend you find a baby carrier that works for you.  There were days when no matter what you do, your little one wants to be carried.  I carried a small sling carrier in my bag for the first several months.  I have plans to invest in something a little heftier for the next baby, but that sling will be in my bag since it’s so compact.

A Great Bag

You NEED a great bag. The problem is that everyone will tell you a different bag since a bag is so personal. We personally use a backpack from Old Navy and it works for us. I also have a large red purse that I pull out for special occasions.  But here are a few things all great diaper bags have in common:

  • they have lots of space and at least one divider in the main area
  • they have a few smaller pockets
  • they’re easy-to-clean fabrics
  • wide adjustable straps to make carrying it easier and more comfortable

There you go!  While it seems like a lot, most of these things are actually quite small and can easily fit into almost any bag. It’s worth it to be prepared with little ones and these things will make getting out of the house with your fluffy bum baby a little easier!


This post contains affiliate links. All views and opinions are my own.

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