About us

Hide the Cookie Jar is a project invented and implemented by Helen Harty.

Helen is a home cook and blogger who enjoys sharing her recipes and tips with others. Her project, Hide the Cookie Jar, is designed to help keep her kitchen organized and her cookies safe.

The basic idea behind Hide the Cookie Jar is to create a space in your kitchen where you can store your cookies and other baked goods. This space can be a cabinet, a closet, or even a drawer. Helen recommends using a space that is out of the way and difficult to reach, so that your cookies are less likely to be eaten by accident.

If you are using a cabinet or closet, Helen recommends lining the shelves with a wrapping paper or fabric that matches your kitchen decor. This will help to camouflage the cookie jar and make it less noticeable. If you are using a drawer, Helen recommends using a container or box that is specifically designed for baking supplies. This will help to keep your cookies hidden from view.

Hide the Cookie Jar is a great way to keep your cookies safe and your kitchen organized. Thanks, Helen!